GUM Workbench is a standard application program with the possibility that the user can freely modify the model equation. With this feature, the application can be used to evaluate almost any measurement. A general validation by Metrodata for all possible purposes is not possible.

The user of GUM Workbench must check and validate himself that the chosen model equation, the method of the GUM and finally GUM Workbench is suitable for the intended use.

During the development of GUM Workbench it was constantly monitored that the calculation rules defined in the GUM and the EA 4/02 are implemented correctly and that the implemented approach is compatible with these guidelines. Extended checks of any user input and the model equation will inform the user as much as possible about mistakes and recognizable errors in the model and advise about corrections whenever possible.

Every version of GUM Workbench is carefully tested prior to shipment. The correct operation can be verified after installation with the help of the examples from EA and GUM which are part of the installation. Official results are published for these examples.

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