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The following files and versions of our products can be downloaded and installed free of charge. The download and installation will be done on the sole risk of the user. Metrodata GmbH cannot be made liable in any way for any damage resulting from downloading or using the downloaded files.

GUM Workbench Educational Version

GUM Workbench Educational Version has a limited functionality, but can save the data to a file. It can be freely used for educational purposes, seminars and workshops.

* CD Image GUM Workbench Educational Version (168 MB) (English)
The CD image (ISO-file) needs to be burned onto a CDR. The Educational Version can be used directly from the CD without any installation. Several archive programs (e. g. 7-zip) can open ISO-files directly and can extract the files in it.
* Setup GUM Workbench Educational Version (41 MB) (English)
* Setup GUM Workbench Educational Version (70 MB) (Spanish)
* Setup GUM Workbench Educational Version (75 MB) (French)
The Setup program installs the Educational Version on the Computer Hard disk. It is not operational without installation.

GUM Workbench Demo Version

The demo versions of GUM Workbench include all functions of the full versions, but newly entered or changed evaluations cannot be saved or printed.

* Setup GUM Workbench Demo Version 1.4 (80 MB) (English)
* Setup GUM Workbench Demo Version 2.4 (80 MB) (English)


GUMCAD is a graphical editor for the construction, drawing and analysis of measurement processes diagrams.

* Setup GUMCAD Version 1.2 (12 MB) (English)
The full version of GUMCAD can be used free of charge.

User manuals and Documents

* GUM Workbench User Manual for Version 1.4 and 2.4 (PDF, 1.8 MB) (English)
English user manual for all currently distributed versions of GUM Workbench.
* GUM Workbench Setup procedure (pdf, English)
Description of the GUM Workbench installation procedure.

GUM Workbench Update

The following updates can be downloaded free of charge. Hint: Updates can only be installed on systems if an equivalent full version is already installed on this system. Please verify the version number prior the installation of the update. The installation of an update is only meaningful if the build number (last number of the version string) of the update is higher than of the installed version.

* Update for GUM Workbench 2.4 to Version (59 MB) (English)

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